Channel S temporarily on 7E -
Channel S temporarily on 7E
Bengali Channel S has launched its temporary service on Eutelsat 7A (7E).
Channel S shows various programming targeted to Bengali-speaking audience (especially those who migrated from Bangladesh to the Great Britain). Channel is regurally available in FTA mode in Sky UK at 28.2E.

Information which is shown at the bottom of the screen informs us that channel has technical problems. Probably there is a fault in playout and channel is uplinked from SNG van.

Parameters of Channels S on 7A:
Eutelsat 7A (7E)
11178 MHz, pol. V, SR 3255, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK

Channel has ID "UKI-366". It suggests that signal is being sent by Globecast's SNG.
Channel's video is compressed using H.264 codec.



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