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Antennas and dishes
Professional and consumer microwave antennas and dishes for receiving and transmission. Satellite (C Band, Ku Band) and terrestial.
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Broadcast equipment
Manufacturers of broadcast equipment: mulitplexers, modulators, scramblers, encoders etc.
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Manufacturers of cables: coaxial, optical fiber etc.
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CATV equipment
Cable TV professional equipment. Headends, racks, receivers, multiplexers.
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Conditional Access Modules
Conditional Access Modules, CI, CI+, Multicas and splitters manufacturers.
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Conditional Access Systems
Conditional Access Systems for DTH and professional use. Software and hardware solutions. Card and cardless options.
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Consumer receivers
Manufacturers of consumer electronic receivers.
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Data storage
Discs, cards, tapes and servers for storing all types of audio and video materials as well as other data.
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Manufacturers of low-noise block downconverters. Ku band, C band, Ka band, L band, S band etc.
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PC DVB cards
Manufacturers of PC DVB cards: DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C. For TV, radio and data reception. Professional and consumer products.
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Professional audio equipment
Manufacturers of professional audio equipment: microphones, sound mixers, sound sets, loudspeakers, wireless in ear monitoring systems, wireless sound systems etc.
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Professional receivers
Manufacturers of professional IRD receivers, decoders and descramblers (4:2:2, Codicrypt, RAS).
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Professional video equipment
Manufacturers of professional video equipment: video cameras (SD & HD), lenses, lighting equipment, tripods etc.
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Manufacturers of hard disk recorders, DVD recorders, HD and SD.
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Signal meters
Manufacturers of satellite and terrestial tv signal meters, spectrum analysers, oscilloscopes etc.
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Professional and consumer software: budget link calculators, news room software, video edit software, satellite charts and listings.
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Systems integrators
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